Never Hide is a collection of sunglasses produced by NEVER HIDE EYEWEAR. The collection was first introduced in 2008 and has become popular for its bold designs and innovative features. Never Hide collection features a wide range of styles for both men and women, from classic aviators to sporty wraparound frames. Many of the frames are made from crystal nylon injection material, which is lightweight, durable, and flexible; making it a popular choice for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. One of the unique features of the Never Hide line is its use of High Definition (HD) polarized lenses, which help reduce glare and improve visibility in bright sunlight. The lenses also provide 100% UV protection, which is important for protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of sun rays.

In addition to its functional features, Never Hide is also known for its distinctive styling. Many of the frames feature bold colours, unique patterns, and playful details like the “Never Hide” logo etched onto the lenses. Overall, Never Hide offers a great combination of style and function, making it a popular choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pair of sunglasses.

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