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Concentration, determination, accuracy. These are the main features that golf requires of its players, often out in the field for several hours in highly changeable sun or weather conditions, in which the light changes constantly making it difficult to view the green. Par after par, wind, leaves or dust can affect the performance of the golfer.
For this, Never Hide has created a series of specific high performance golf glasses and sunglasses for those who play golf, to guarantee the performance of a champion.

The Golf lenses from Never Hide are designed specifically for golf to enable you to read the contours on a green, while still get the protection you need.

Some have asked why the two lenses. Well, after testing a few others (regular black and polarized included) We felt that these two gave the best definition for our eyes. The balance to diminish sunlight without reducing texture can be a very delicate line and Never Hide does a tremendous job of this. The Never Hide Golf lens gave the most feel (visual) of the course and also made our eyes really relaxed in full daylight. You will feel much better your head and body after a round of golf without having to squint from the sun. These are most useful on a clear afternoon day when the sun is at its peak.

Racing Red Golf Lens Description:

Lens Color Code : 68
Color : Racing Red
Lens Material : 1.1 Polarized with AR Coat
Hydrohobic Coat : Yes
Light Transmission : 31.8%
UV Protections : 400 UV



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