High Definition Optics (HDO) lenses provide several benefits to wearers, including:

  1. Clarity : HDO lenses are designed to provide clear and sharp vision across the entire lens, even in the periphery. This ensures that wearers can see details and objects more clearly, which can be especially important for athletes and others engaged in high-performance activities.
  2. Colour Accuracy : HDO lenses maintain colour accuracy and contrast, which is important for enhancing visual perception and making objects appear more vibrant.
  3. UV and Blue Ray Protection : HDO lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UV and blue rays, which can cause eye damage and contribute to conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration.

  4. Impact Resistance : HDO lenses are made from high quality Polycarbonate material which are highly durable and resist impacts and scratches.

NEVER HIDE offers a range of HDO sunglasses that cater to different activities, including sports, outdoor activities, and everyday wear. The HDO technology is also available in prescription lenses for those who require corrective lenses.

In addition to the revolutionary HDO technology, NEVER HIDE sunglasses are also known for their stylish designs, which are often worn by athletes, celebrities, and fashion-conscious individuals.

Overall, the combination of HDO technology and stylish designs has made NEVER HIDE sunglasses a popular choice for people who value both functionality and fashion.



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